Business A Level

At A Level we follow the AQA Business GCE Syllabus  – for the specification, key materials, past papers and answers and overview.


A Summary of the Programme of Study

Subject content (elements 1-6 covered in Year 12)

  • 1 What is business?
  • 2 Managers, leadership and decision making
  • 3 Decision making to improve marketing performance
  • 4 Decision making to improve operational performance
  • 5 Decision making to improve financial performance
  • 6 Decision making to improve human resource performance
  • 7 Analysing the strategic position of a business
  • 8 Choosing strategic direction 
  • 9 Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies
  • 10 Managing strategic change

A-Z of Theoretical Concepts

Outstanding Resources to accompany course

Past Papers