Careers Programme

Year 7

Students in year 7 are encouraged to identifying what skills are needed in the world of work. They are encouraged to explore and think about the variety of jobs and careers available that might suit their skills interest and abilities throughout the year in the classroom, enrichment activities and clubs.

In addition to this QMUL staff will introduce the principles of Growth Mindset as a learning strategy, providing the pupils with reflection skills and self-awareness that will assist them with maintaining a positive start to secondary school.


Year 8

Students in year 8 are encouraged to think about their skills, qualities and interest. At Drapers we provide access to a range of activities that inspire young people, including employer talks, careers fairs, motivational speakers, QMUL centre of the cell tour, university visits, and mentoring. 

QMUL deliver at parent’s events a talk on how to best choose GCSE options, providing suggestions and support that aims to introduce key progression routes including BTEC, A Levels, and apprenticeships and the importance of these choices in relation to future goals.


Year 9

Students in Year 9, are encourage to start thinking about their future and those important career decisions they will soon have to make. At Drapers we encourage students to understand their strengths/weakness and explore what they like doing best to enable them to choose courses and subjects to take in year10&11. Through classroom activities, outreach workshops, employer and provider engagement, enrichment and clubs they are able to discuss and research their career ideas.

QMUL delivers ‘My skills, my strength’ workshops which focuses on different jobs and skills needed in the rapidly expanding events sector, which they may not be familiar with in this year group.


Year 10

Students in Year 10 will be preparing to find out more about careers that interest them and post 16 progression. QMUL delivers workshops on Post 16 options and Management & Entrepreneurship and year 10 have the opportunity to visit careers events such as skills London.  All Year 10’s will have access to 1.2.1 careers guidance appointment with an independent Careers Adviser to help with early career planning. Year 10’s are supported and encouraged to find voluntary opportunities and work experience opportunities during school holidays.


Year 11

Students you will be finding out more about your options after leaving school and making some decisions about your next step.


Sixth Form

Every week the students have an undergraduate preparation lesson (UP). These lessons are designed to develop the ‘life skills’ required for future employment. These sessions are designed to build confidence and help prepare the students for a university application.

In addition students have access to events throughout the year including HE & Careers Fair, University Taster Days, guest speakers and UCAS exhibitions at London. Students will develop their knowledge about what they might like to do after sixth form and make informed choices about the full range of options open to them such as higher level apprenticeships, Degree courses and Employment.