Drapers' Academy is, first and foremost, a place of high quality learning and teaching.

From the outset, pupils are encouraged to develop initiative and take responsibility for their own learning.

All learning takes place within the context of a longer school day, not only including core classes, but also providing opportunities for other activities and to access support in areas such as homework.


Key Stage 3

Years 7 to 8 pupils follow a broad and balanced curriculum with a strong emphasis on ensuring competence in English and maths. They study English, maths, science, humanities, religious education, music, art, PE, ICT and a modern foreign language. In addition, every pupil has the chance and is encouraged to learn a musical instrument. The curriculum is aimed at enhancing personal, learning and thinking skills.

Pupils are grouped by ability where appropriate and extra support is available for those pupils who need it. Programmes and learning that stretches gifted and talented pupils is also available and widely used.

Lessons are structured to develop the key skills of team work, leadership and creativity so that our pupils excel in all subjects and can move on to Year 8 with confidence. Pupils are expected to participate in extra-curricular activities and there are trips and visits to enhance what is learnt in the classroom.

Key Stage 4

In Years 9 and 11, pupils follow an extended core curriculum that includes English, maths, science, PE, RE and a technology subject. In line with the Academy's specialism, pupils have the opportunity to take all three sciences (physics, chemistry and biology).

Outside the core curriculum, pupils are able to choose from a range of guided options, which allows them to pursue individual interests whilst ensuring that they continue to follow broad pathways.

Pupils are given a great deal of support through their mentor and tutor to select the best options for their aptitude and interest. Options include; Business Studies, Design & Technology (Resistant Materials, Graphic Products, Systems and Control), Drama, Fine Art, Food Technology, Modern Foreign Languages, Geography, Graphics, History, Music, PE, Textiles and ICT.

For further details on the curriculum please read our Key Stage Specific booklets located at the top of this page. For any other queries, please get in touch.


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