DofE Training Dates

The list of training dates for DofE expeditions is listed below. All participants must attend these dates and stay for the duration of the session. These training session provide participants with the skills they need to undertake a successful and safe expedition. Failure to attend will result in deferral of the expedition until next year with a different year group.

If there are any unavoidable and genuine reasons for not being able to attend you need to speak to your DofE leader as soon as possible.

**SILVER AND GOLD PARTICIPANTS: Please note that if you have after school jobs you will need to ensure that they do not affect your attendance at these sessions or on any expeditions or training days.


  • Tuesday 12th February (3.00-4.00pm): Sections and eDofE Check (Bronze, Silver & Gold)
  • Practice Assessment Route Cards  - 19th March (Gold participants only)
  • Final Assessment Route Cards – 2nd April (Gold participants only)
  • Tuesday 2nd April (3.00-4.00pm): Issue of Equipment (Bronze, Silver & Gold)
  • Tuesday 9th April (3.00-4.00pm): Nutrition for Expedition (Bronze, Silver & Gold)
  • Wednesday 1st May (3.00-4.00pm): Expedition Instructions (Bronze and Accelerated Silver)

DofE Expedition Dates

In order to pass the expedition section of the DofE award all participants MUST attend at least one practice expedition and their assessed expedition. If unforeseen circumstances prevent this attendance then the options available for the participant will be to either join an external DofE group on their expedition or defer their expedition section of their award until the following year and complete it with a different year group.

Please ensure that these dates are put in the diary as early as possible to avoid clashes with other appointments.


Practice Expedition - Danbury, Chelmsford (Bronze and Accelerated Silver)

Thursday 2nd May – Saturday 4th May 2019


Refresher Training Day - Epping Forest (All Levels)

Saturday 8th June 2019


Practice Silver Expedition – South Downs (Silver and Accelerated Gold)

Wednesday 12th June (after school) – Saturday 15th June 2019


Practice Gold Expedition – Lake District (All Gold)

Tuesday 18th June (after lunch) – Saturday 22nd June 2019


Assessed Gold Expedition - Snowdonia (All Gold)

Tuesday 2nd July (after lunch) – Saturday 6th July 2019


Assessed Bronze and Silver Expedition - New Forest, Hampshire (All Bronze and Silver)

Tuesday 16th July (after school) – Friday 19th July 2019

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