The DofE Physical Section includes any sport or aerobic activity that works your body (which distinguishes it from a skill)!

Programme Ideas: Physical - PDF

  • Lesson time NEVER counts towards DofE in any subject so you cannot use a sport you do in PE lessons for your physical activity.
  • However, training and matches after school do count towards DofE.

How many hours do I need to complete?

  • You need to complete one hour a week of your chosen activity for the timescale you have chosen for this section showing committed and regular participation: it’s a marathon NOT a sprint
  • A SHORT intensive period of activity squashed into a few days does NOT count.

Who will assess my skill?

Before you start you must find a qualified suitable adult to be your assessor.  Usually this will be your coach or trainer (not a relative or parent).  Ask them BEFORE you start your DofE and ask them to sit down with you and set suitable goals and targets for your physical activity. They should monitor your progress and activity. Keep a diary LOG (download 9) of your participation to scan as evidence onto eDofE at the end when you have completed your section. 

What is classed as a physical activity?

  • If it puffs you out then it is more than likely a sport that is suitable for your physical section
  • It can be a team sport or an individual sport

What do I need to do when I have chosen my skill?

  1. Please complete the form provided (download 10) about your chosen physical activity and hand this in to your DofE leader by the deadline set. If you are unsure about whether or not your activity is suitable speak to your leader beforehand to check. Once your form has been submitted and approved you can then upload your activity details on eDofE and submit them for approval.
  2. Once your activity has been formally approved you will need to ask your assessor for your physical activity to sit down with you and set some goals that you will work towards over the course of your timescale. These goals must be met at the end in order to pass so make sure they are realistic in the timescale you have chosen.
  3. Your physical activity should include specific goals, targets, levels to achieve or competitions, or simply involved participation over the required timescale. It is progress that counts and this means setting appropriate goals with your assessor.
  4. You will also need to hand your assessor the letter in your folder which outlines their role in your DofE award and requires them to complete their details and sign the form to agree to be your assessor. This letter will need to be returned to your DofE leader by the deadline set (download 15).

What do I do when I’ve completed my skill?

When you FINISH: ask your assessor to complete your eDofE record card (Bronze download 24; Silver download 25) if they agree that you have finished the required time. This completed record card will need to be scanned onto eDofE, marked as assessor’s report and submitted to your leader for final approval. Taking photos or keeping certificates is also useful to scan onto eDofE.

What happens if the season finishes?

When choosing your physical activity you will need to check with your potential assessor that it is an activity that will be running for the duration of the timescale you have chosen. Try to avoid seasonal activities that are likely to change at the end of a season as this will cause problems in your completion of your physical activity. See Mrs Paolino, Mr Luck or Mrs Khouri for any problems with this.

DofE Physical Section information.
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