The Governors at Drapers' Academy.

Drapers’ Academy under the direction of the Multi-Academy Trust, have an established governing body who have an important role in shaping the success of Drapers’ Academy and ensuring the school meets its education vision. The governors hold key responsibilities including;

  • ensuring the quality of educational provision
  • monitoring and challenging the performance of the school when needed
  • overseeing the finances of the school
  • employing staff
  • communicating with the Multi-Academy Trust with updates and developments of the school.

Drapers' Academy is very fortunate to benefit from a governing body, which includes representatives from a range of professional backgrounds. The Governors include a number of our sponsors and representatives from the local community.  Sponsor Governors are appointed by the sponsor, who also determine their term of office, which is not limited.  Non-sponsor Governors have a 4 year term of office, which may be renewed.  Records of attendance at meetings are published in the Multi-Academy Trust's Financial Statements.

Drapers' Academy: Five Year Strategic Vision

The strategic goal of Drapers’ Academy is to provide an excellent education that raises its pupils’ aspirations, enhances their academic attainment and improves their chances of leading a fulfilling life.

To view the full strategic vision, please click on the link below.