Drapers' Multi-Academy Trust

More information regarding Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust can be found on our MAT website: www.drapers-schools.com.

Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust was founded in 2014. The Trust aims to deliver first class education to all educational institutions they are involved in, whilst creating opportunities for all pupils and students to succeed. The Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust is sponsored by The Drapers’ Company and Queen Mary University of London.

All academies that are a part of the Trust are governed by one trust and a single board of directors. The directors are responsible on decisions relating to each academy such as the curriculum and staffing. Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust has taken the decision to create a local governing body for each of its academies. 

Drapers' Multi-Academy Trust - Code of Conduct

This Code applies to all members of the MAT: namely directors, governors, staff, and pupils. All members of the MAT, either directly or indirectly through their parents or guardians, will be asked for their formal confirmation that they understand and accept it.

The Multi-Academy Emblem

The emblem takes elements form the Drapers' Company's coat of arms, which was originally granted in 1439 by Henry VI. It includes three crowns  which are integral to the Drapers' Company identity. Below the crowns are shafts of light  shining through clouds.

The two lions standing on each side of the crowns represent strength, firmness and constancy. The emblem was originally created to be the school logo for Drapers' Academy. However after the popularity of the emblem, it has been chosen to be the main school emblem for all schools that become apart of the trust.