Mission Statement

Welcome to Drapers’ Academy, a member school of Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust.

Our Ethos

In all of our schools we ensure the following...

  1. All the children in our care are nurtured in a safe, caring, supportive and happy environment.
  2. We challenge all our pupils to achieve the highest possible academic goals by providing a stimulating and disciplined learning experience.
  3. We provide opportunities for each pupil to develop their interests and capabilities in sport, in the arts, in drama, music and community affairs, so that they become well rounded people and global citizens.
  4. We celebrate our diversity and promote tolerance, inclusiveness and understanding amongst pupils of all backgrounds, ethnicities and religions.
  5. We promote kindness and do not tolerate physical and cyber-bullying and are vigilant in safeguarding the children in our care, with the support of parents and carers.
  6. We assist our pupils to achieve their full potential and follow education and careers suitable for their ability and talents.

Published October 2017

The Values of Drapers' Academy

We believe that success is achieved through broadening perspective and raising aspirations. By this, we mean that our pupils need to understand the opportunities that are available to them and to believe that they can achieve success in whatever they decide to work towards.

We believe that an academic grounding is the foundation for success in any career, even those that are not dependent on academic achievement. This is because literacy, numeracy, and an understanding of science and the humanities provide self-confidence and the ability to engage with others. They also increase the access to opportunities in life and help create options and choice.

We believe that low expectations lead to low performance and that being adequate is not an acceptable standard. Every child and every member of staff should be challenged to aim above the expected standard in whatever they do.

We believe in a broad education, and all that implies in terms of access to sport, music, drama, the arts and access to foreign languages and culture.

We believe that good manners and good behaviour create respect – both for oneself and for other people. Without such respect it is impossible to engage in and contribute to society.

We believe that success in any field – academic, sporting, the arts etc. - requires hard work and that discipline is necessary to support that hard work. The best discipline is that which is self-imposed, but we also expect pupils and staff to follow this Code and the policies and procedures that support it.

We believe that everyone has a potential for success and it is our job to help realise that potential. This means that we don’t give up on any pupil, even if their attitude or behaviour makes it difficult for us.

We believe that we will succeed by attracting, retaining and growing the best staff. We believe that all staff deserve respect and to be able to work in a secure and rewarding environment.

We believe that parents play the key role in any child’s education and that we will only be successful if we have parental support and engagement. This in turn requires agreed goals, shared responsibility and clear communication.

We believe that our long-term success is dependent on the support of the local community. This is because our pupils need to see that their success is valued and respected by the community. We will therefore engage with local community representatives to ensure that there is clear communication and that, where practicable, the community has access to the school’s resources.