Teaching & Learning

At Drapers’ Academy, we are committed to achieving the highest possible standards of teaching and learning. 

Our dedicated staff shared a clear vision and ethos, to provide quality teaching and learning that leads to good progress for all. The six key components to enable this vision to come to fruition are illustrated in the image below:

It is our belief that these six components are crucial to provide quality teaching and learning that engages pupils, develops their skills and prepares them for the future:

  • Meeting the needs of all pupils
  • Develop a bespoke pedagogy
  • Create lifelong learners
  • Data Driven Instruction
  • High aspirations and challenge
  • Seek innovation in the classroom

Learning at Drapers’ Academy is exciting, vibrant and challenging. We encourage pupils to have a growth mind-set;  a can-do attitude, develop resilience and perseverance and the belief that they can achieve anything with hard work.

At Drapers’ Academy, pupils are continually encouraged to reflect on their own learning to help them make progress. Teachers mark work carefully, highlighting spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes and setting Directed Improvement Reflection Time (D.I.R.T) tasks for pupils to read, reflect and improve in order to develop their skills.

At Drapers’ Academy we believe that regular Continued Professional Development, for all staff, is vital to provide quality teaching and learning.  We believe it is essential to allow staff to develop their subject expertise and prioritise the development of subject excellence through our Twilight training plans. In addition, a bespoke schedule of training sessions run across the year for all staff that are new to the Academy; both experienced teachers and those that are undergoing their teacher training.  Staff receive weekly training in our Thursday ‘Teaching and Learning briefing’ held in the staffroom.