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2022 GCSE Exams - Links to advance information


English Lang



Design and Technology




Edexcel The above link will download a .zip file. Within this, you will find the information for the Edexcel subjects studied at Drapers’ Academy (Maths, Drama, French and German).

Equation sheets

GCSE Maths – Foundation GCSE Maths – Higher GCSE Physics (Higher and Foundation) GCSE Physics – Combined Science

Useful Revision Resources

  • SAM – revision website with lots of activities for all subject areas. Tailored activity to 2022 Advance Information documents.
  • Physics and Maths Tutor - - amazing revision resource website with lots of flash cards, summary notes and past paper questions for a range of subjects – not just English and Maths!
  • BBC Bitesize - - useful for short revision recaps. Particularly useful for content heavy subjects such as Science.
  • Seneca – similar to SAM Learning, lots of short activities for acquiring and testing knowledge.
  • Hegarty – a website for testing Maths knowledge with over 50000 questions.
  • Cognito - - a website for testing Science and Maths knowledge, with videos and exercises to go alongside. Pupils have found this really useful.

Exam Board Websites

Please use these exam boards to access past papers for your subject areas. Exam board websites have lots of useful links such as specifications and past papers, as well as mark schemes. Please find the links to exam boards below, as well as the exam boards pupils at Drapers’ Academy study for each subject.

Mental Health

Look after yourself this exam period. There are some useful links below. If you are really struggling, you must let a relevant member of staff know. Email, Miss Kelly ( or Ms Burroughs (

Ofqual links

Below are some links to Ofqual documents to support pupils.

Ofqual student guide to exams in 2022

Ofqual top tips for exam preparation this summer

Ofqual Covid guide to summer 2022