Edulink One

Drapers’ Academy uses a number of different apps and platforms to support with homework, assessment, communication and reporting. However, to make access for you as simple as possible we want to streamline all of these things. During this academic year we will move to using one platform which allows pupils and parents easy access to all of the information needed – EdulinkOne. 

While we make this transition the current apps and platforms will still function (e.g. studybugs for reporting illness, DPR for homework and assessment, parentpay for services, FROG for timetable). 

From March, parents and pupils will be able to view pupil timetables, attendance, behaviour and achievement points, and public examination entries (Years 11 and 13) on the new EdulinkOne app. Letters will still be emailed home, but we will begin trialling communications through the Edulink app. 

Our system for notifying parents regarding detentions will remain unchanged – this is something we are also looking to add functionality on to Edulink in the coming months.

Edulink One - Parent Guide (Download)

Accessing Edulink

EdulinkOne is free and can be accessed in the following ways:

• Website:

• Android:

• Apple: