Summer School Provision 2021

DfE Summer Schools for year 7 and 8 pupils:

Pupils from years 7 and 8 had a fantastic experience during our DfE Summer School run by Drapers’ Academy staff over the summer holiday.

Around 100 of our new Year 7 pupils took part in a range of team building and academic activities across a full week, to help them get ready for life at secondary school. Pupils were able to participate in secondary school lessons, workshops, cookery classes, PE activities, art activities and many more experiences over the course of the week. All pupils who attended had a great time and staff who participated in the Summer School commented on how much they enjoyed meeting our new pupils and supporting them with their transition to Drapers’ Academy.

Our Year 8 pupils also benefited from a separate DfE Summer School towards the end of the summer holiday, with around 50 pupils attending each day of the week. The Summer School supported our Year 8 pupils with their lost curriculum time, as well as helping them to develop resilience, improve their mental wellbeing, generate new friendships and learn new skills following a very difficult first year for them due to Covid-19. Pupils really enjoyed the Summer School leaving comments such as "I had the best time ever", "It really showed me the importance of respect", "I’m excited for tomorrow - thank you for today!" and "I’m sad summer school is ending!"

In total £50,536 was spent across the two DfE Summer Schools with £38,880 spent on staffing, £6,661 spent on catering costs and £4,995 spent on workshops, activities and additional educational resources.