Homework & Independent Learning


“Homework is not an optional extra, but an essential part of a good education.”

- 1999 White Paper, Excellence in Schools.

Drapers’ Academy is dedicated to raising the attainment of all pupils and recognises the essential contribution homework can make to the personal, social and academic success of each pupil.

Our parents and carers value independent learning and the setting of regular, challenging homework that improves their child’s knowledge and progression.

We will provide our pupils challenging homework that deepens curriculum understanding, develops independent learning and inspires a love of lifelong learning and curiosity. We are committed to making homework accessible to all to develop and consolidate wider subject knowledge.



All pupils are expected to complete homework and are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. Pupils:

  • Will recognise the important part independent learning plays in their education and complete set tasks to the best of their ability
  • Must log into Frog every day to check tasks/understanding and ensure they are completed, even when absent
  • Take pride in their homework and present to the highest possible standard
  • Will challenge themselves in KS3 to complete an independent learning project
  • Will take responsibility to meet deadlines and ask for help when needed to develop important life skills
  • Will use the feedback and advice given to improve their progress


All teachers are expected to set, acknowledge, mark and reward homework according to their subject guidelines. Teachers will:

  • Only set relevant, purposeful and meaningful homework tasks that consolidates learning and links to Schemes of Work
  • Ensure homework is always set on Frog with clear instructions
  • Promptly mark homework and give feedback/ improvements to pupils
  • Differentiate homework to stretch and challenge all pupils
  • Offer pupils autonomy over how tasks can be completed where appropriate
  • Celebrate pupil success through the display of homework and other rewards
  • Set homework at the beginning of a lesson when appropriate and allow time to fully explain the task and its purpose
  • Check the understanding of all pupils
  • Set clear deadlines
  • Offer pupils the choice to complete work individually or as a group when appropriate
  • Set engaging tasks that encourage curiosity and a love of learning
  • Ensure pupils have access to resources
  • Use recent pedagogy surrounding homework to inform the types of tasks set
  • Set clear sanctions when homework is not complete
  • Provide examination material for self-assessment when appropriate


To help support your child and Drapers’ Academy with independent learning we advise parents/carers to:

  • Be aware of the homework and independent learning guidelines
  • Encourage and support their child and create an environment for learning at home
  • Regularly check Frog and encourage their child to meet deadlines
  • Encourage their child to read on a daily basis

Independent Learning and homework during the holiday periods

At Drapers’ Academy we are mindful of our pupils needing time to relax, and recuperate during the holiday breaks and therefore homework for KS3 will not be set during the Christmas and summer holidays. We do however encourage all our pupils to read on a daily basis. KS4/KS5 need to focus on GCSE and A-Level examinations and will therefore be set revision and practice tasks during this time to help prepare them for exams and improve their progress.