GCSE Results 2022

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25th August 2022 2 CategoriesSchool NewsCelebrating Success

The Academy’s Principal, Darren Luckhurst, was very impressed with the achievements of the Year 11 pupils.  Despite a disrupted and turbulent two years caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, our pupils have performed remarkably well.  Results overall show a continued improvement on 2019 and this bodes well for the future.


“I am delighted with the achievements of our pupils in their GCSE exams.  Headlines today should be about the pupils successes.  I am extremely proud of this year group, having demonstrated such resilience to achieve and do well in their examinations. 


“They remained focussed and determined to do well.  They did this with the support of our staff as well as each other.”


“I am also pleased that the pandemic has not disadvantaged Year 11 pupils in gaining chosen places, either in our sixth form or local colleges.”

The following pupils have excelled themselves and we are extremely impressed with their achievements.

  • Eti Inyang achieved a fantastic set of results, including Grade 9 in Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, English Literature, Maths and Physics, with Grade 8 in English language, German and History.
  • Eliza Kulici’s impressive set of results included Grade 9 in Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, German, Physics and Polish, Distinction in Music Performance, as well as Grade 8 in Biology, Chemistry, History and Maths.
  • Jessica Fartade was delighted with her incredible set of results, with Grade 9 in Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Maths and Physics, as well as Grade 7 in English Literature and French.
  • Melisa Axhami achieved a brilliant set of results, with Grade 9 in Biology, English Literature, French and Physics, as well as Grade 8 in Business Studies and Geography, and a Grade 7 in Chemistry, English Language and Maths.
  • Niamh Kill was delighted with her results, with a Grade 9 in Maths and Physics, Grade 8 in Biology and English Language, and 7 in English Literature and History.
  • Curtis Amoako-Boateng impressive results includes Grade 9 in Biology and Chemistry, Grade 8 in English Literature, History and Physics, and Grade 7 in French. He also achieved a Distinction in Music Performance.
  • Tom Richardson was delighted with his Grade 9 in English Language, Distinction in Music RSL. as well as Grade 8 in Biology, English Literature, Geography and Physics, amongst other impressive results.

Mr Luckhurst added,

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful teachers and staff at Drapers’ Academy for going the extra mile, as well as the support given by parents & carers to their children, especially during the past two years.  Working together is so important and the success of our pupils today highlights this importance”

We look forward to welcoming back our pupils and students week commencing Monday 5th September.